Because you want to do leadership differently

The ultimate journey to highly effective Conscious Leadership

You desire to make a lasting impact while doing something you are passionate about

Adventure Into Leadership℠ is a transformational program

strategically designed for those who are ready to take leadership to the next level, a higher level of Conscious Leadership

Emerging Entrepreneurs are everywhere these days but you desire more than just freedom living and more residual income. You are ready to create a lasting impact on world around you.


You have done the work, you have transformed your internal world and still feel stuck in how to cross the intimidating line from behind the scenes, backstage, always filling yourself up to front and center stage. 

You aren't exactly sure on what it will look like, who you will work with but you have a burning nudge to step up, to speak up, to turn your newly discovered passions into your day to day purpose 


You desire to bring value to the world around you through sharing your gifts, your skillsets, and yourself.  Adventure Into Leadership will allow you to leverage the 5 I's of Leadership to create you into an adaptable, relevant, confident, strong leader where income naturally flows back in circulation to you.


By focusing on your passions (what excites you), the impact you are out to make (the changes you desire to see in the world), and owning the unique way you will share your gifts (channeling & owning your individuality) you will be living in alignment to yourself as a leader. Leadership has never been so natural and easy.


Adventure Into Leadership takes being a leader/entrepreneur from a role, a mask, a mood to who you are in every moment. You will have the ability to show up with a radiant, strong, impactful presence in all areas of your life.

You will learn tools, methods and daily practices that will support you redefining what it means to be a leader. You will build a solid foundation where you will be able to show up in EVERY area of your life authentically and true to you. As a Conscious Leader this allows everyone around you to do the same creating more connected and authentic communities.


By living through our framework in the Adventure Into Leadership program, you will be living a life through your passions, having the freedom to do what you want while choosing to live a life you love guiding others into their own adventure. You will turn your passion in your purpose that you get to live every single day.

Adventure Into Leadership has guided clients into:

  • Finding joy and gratitude  in their workplace

  • Quitting their corporate job to live in their passion projects  

  • Fully owning and loving who they are

  • Traveling the world

  • Launching an international missionary project

  • Becoming a public speaker

  • Creating an annual wellness retreat

  • Taking the steps toward fulfilling a lifelong dream

  • Creating a worldwide peace project

  • Starting a successful women's empowerment business

  • Starting or ending relationships

  • Becoming an author

  • Ending military contracts to pursue a life of freedom


       And more


WHAT DOES the adventure into u program include?

  • 4-5 month leadership coaching program with 4 virtual coaching sessions (90-minutes) led by International Conscious Business Owner and Leader, Leslie Medley

  • 1 Mastermind Meeting and Action Plan creation session (2-hours via Zoom)​

  • Creating a clear vision statement for your message

  • Developing your top 3 values as a leader

  • Roadmap with 1, 3, 6 month SMART goals to keep you on track throughout your journey into Conscious Leadership

  • Unlimited e-mail/text accountability, support and coaching to support you on your guided journey into Conscious Leadership. You will work closely with Leslie in regular contact as you walk each step of the adventure you are embarking on.

  • Identify your ideal client avatar and understand how to speak a language they understand and want more of- from YOU

  • Design your ideal day & lifestyle as a leader

  • Know what product or service you are offering and how to package it for your ideal client to receive effectively

  • Create your unique program offerings

  • Learn highly effective methods to monetize 

  • Assistance in website creation, LLC, creating events & structuring workshops

  • How to effective facilitate virtual & in-person events that leave your attendees empowered and ready for more

  • You will move away from the old sales model and into enrolling others into an opportunity that becomes a win-win partnership.

  • How to effectively and consciously present your offerings

  • How to secure your first client, creating the beginning of the ripple effect in your impact

  • Includes interactive worksheets that allow you to expand your mind, your thought process and shift beliefs around what entrepreneurship and leadership mean to you. The interactive worksheets are designed to propel you forward in clarity, understanding and confidence as you begin living IN your purpose through your passions.

  • You will have 2-3 opportunities to facilitate an online group coaching call with the support and guidance of Leslie DURING your Adventure Into Leadership. This is REAL LIFE experience and a space created for you to step into your leadership NOW. No more waiting.

  • Personalized Breathwork & Meditation practices to support you in breaking the blockages that have been keeping you stuck from taking action toward your vision. 




AJ, US Military

I have recreated the story that I can be everything I have asked and prayed for through my own actions and manifestations. Patterns that allow for my self healing and development such as yoga, meditation, breath work, and weight training. The belief that I am not alone on this journey and that as a man it is not something that should be shunned or frowned upon to seek spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical guidance. I feel as though I now can create a clear decisive plan of action to take control of my life and shape it into what I desire.

Candy, leadership coach 

"By working with Scotty and Leslie my life has completely shifted into a space of adventure. I have doubled my income by creating a successful side business as a transformational coach. I am doing what I love through my passions. I created the opportunity to travel to 7 different countries within ONE YEAR! The Adventure Into U program guided me into creating a life by my own design, doing what I love, living in my passions. This has me living on high frequency, attracting all that I desire."

Stephanie, Corporate Wellness Manager

"I have been a part of

American Wanderlove’s Adventure Into U mentorship program and I have attended a BeFlow Bali Adventure Retreat. I cannot express the impact that both Scotty and Leslie have had on my life. I started the mentorship program early this year and I have had so much growth and clarity on my purpose in life and what I truly desire to do. I have made huge life choices and I am so excited where my life is heading now then where it was a year ago. I would have never realized my potential without the guidance of both Leslie and Scotty, one of the best things I have ever done was take part in the Adventure Into U program.

If you are considering doing either the BeFlow Bali Adventure Retreat or the Adventure Into U mentorship or even both, DO IT!


It will change your life; I am so thankful that I did!"



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