3 things women should do to stop comparing and start connecting

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

I used to shut down the opportunity to connect with other women.

It's funny to think that now I am a Global influencer whose 'job' it is to connect with others!

I really believed if other women saw the 'real me' they wouldn’t like what they saw. I told myself that no one would want to be around me.

This belief had a massive impact on my own happiness and left me feeling completely unfulfilled and unworthy. I felt alone even when I would surround myself with other women.

Can you relate? Ask yourself:

  • Do I avoid connection, or use it as a way to feel better about myself?

  • Do I spend my time scrolling through social media allowing thoughts of comparison to steal my joy?

  • Do I feel a constant need to prove my worth to those around me?

It wasn’t until I started shining a light on these subconscious thoughts that I was really able to see the impact that they had on me.

I was forcing, always in compensation mode, showcasing 101 reasons to like me, all in an attempt to prove my worth to others.

I wasn't comfortable in my own skin. I craved connection but wasn't allowing myself to fully be seen. I was exhausted from all the energy I put out to portray a 'perfect life'. Social gatherings were draining, never fulfilling.

As I discovered this about myself, I was was able to shift those beliefs that I had and began to exchange ‘I am annoying and not worthy’ to ‘I get to contribute to other women through showing up as myself.'

I took these 3 powerful steps to shift from unfulfilled around women to a self-fulfilling woman:

1. Fill Up Your Own Cup... FIRST

When I have an opportunity to connect with other women, I check in with how I am feeling and the intentions behind my actions.

I ask, "Am I doing this with the intention to connect and serve others? Or am I doing this with the intention of “getting” something- like love, worth, reassurance?"

Sometimes just becoming aware of your motives can be the difference maker in shifting your mindset.

2. ALLOW Yourself To Be Seen FULLY

When making connections with other women I cultivate vulnerability and authenticity, because this is where I am able to contribute and BE contributed to.

I use the practices demonstrated in our Adventure Into U Coaching Program to transform a place of need and unworthiness to a place of loving myself! This means loving myself enough to take the risk of being seen fully.

I had to learn how to ACCEPT the love that was already around and inside of me!

3. RELEASE Attachment To Being Liked

These breakthrough teachings allow me to release the attachment of what would happen if someone “left me” or "didn't like me".

Through releasing attachment to being liked, steps 2 and 3 become so natural. I allow myself to be seen fully and make sure my own cup is filled up first.

As I live these three steps, I now get to experience deep soul connection with beautiful women all over the globe!

It’s time that we, the conscious collective - or “revelation generation” as I like to call it - shift from comparison to collaboration.

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts, so why not connect so that we can be more whole?

The more we fill our own cup, allow ourselves to be seen, and let go of the attachment of being liked, the more we step into our own personal power.

As we stand in this power we vibrate at a level that attracts new opportunities, partnerships, friendships, and love.

Life naturally becomes more full, more secure, more beautiful. You begin to live in a life you no longer have to protect yourself from. Your life becomes a reflection of how you see yourself.

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