Plans vs. Visions: What The Heck Is The Difference?

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

We started off our 9-month Grand Adventure around the world by spending two-months in India where we completed our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program becoming certified yoga instructors AND ended up being guided to the Himalayan Mountains of Northern India (not part of the 'plan') to hike, camp and get lost in these vast mountain ranges. (This is also where Leslie was officially deemed a mountain gypsy)

We had been dreaming, planning and envisioning spending Leslie's birthday at one of the Wonders of the World, The Taj Mahal. This would be the first leg to The Grand Adventure 2018, this plan had been well-thought out, replayed over and over in our heads and talked about for months. The Grand Adventure was finally happening!

When our plans began unraveling piece by piece right in front of our eyes we saw ourselves becoming upset, defeated, like we had failed. We soon realized we were attached to a certain outcome.

Had we really failed?

So often we are attached to a plan, we envision, we schedule, we dream up the perfect 'how it is going to go' plan. This plan brings us excitement, security and certainty that our dream or desire will go the way we want it to. This plan gives us something to look forward to.

What happens when the 'how it is going to go' plan doesn't play out exactly how we envisioned in our head? Who are we really when our grand plan doesn't work out the way we wanted it to?

PLANS come from the head space which is limited, linear and conditional. When plans 'fail' we experience the sense of failure ourselves, we experience lack of control, loss and confusion...

Plans are fear based

(This is where we experience attachment, our plan must go the way we want it to)

VISIONS come from the heart space and are unlimited, abundant, expansive, and ever evolving.

Visions are freedom based

(This is where we practice non-attachment)

Visions cannot fail.

Visions can only evolve, because they are rooted from the heart space, the soul space, pure potential of energy. Visions are an entity flowing through us, a nudge, a Divine idea, the little voice saying, "wouldn't it be cool if...."

Visions cannot die, they can only expand, shift, evolve and grow.

Most of the time the end result looks VERY different from what we had intended. Since visions are an energy flowing through our bodies they produce end results far past what our limited, direct and linear mind can see at the given time.

Visions exceed our current state of awareness

Plans are limited to our current state of awareness.

After the fact we are able to see so much more than we did before (clarity) after the fact we are able to experience a new found space we didn't know existed (opportunity)

Our vision is like a puzzle. It comes together piece by piece.

"Our vision is like a puzzle. It comes together piece by piece."- Scotty King

So often we think once we have that... 'ahhhh ha' moment, the 'that's IT, that's what I want to do' vision moment that we have reached full clarity on our dream. What we must understand is each step of the journey gifts us another piece to the puzzle. We have MANY 'ahhhh ha' visions moments and MANY 'okay, this is really NOT it' (it's time for redirection) vision moments.

We both could have never imagined, envisioned, dreamt up hiking the Himalayan Mountains in India, staying in a house boat on a lake in the 'Swiss Alps' of India. Before this redirection the 'Swiss Alps' didn't even exist in our awareness.

Through redirection came new possibilities

Through new possibilities came new opportunities

Through new opportunities came new memories

Through new memories came new stories

Through new stories came new clarity on exactly where we needed to go and what actions we needed to take next.

The redirection gifts us clarity when we allow it.

We must recondition the belief that redirection is a cold hard NO

We must recondition the belief that redirection is failure

Redirection is opportunity

Redirection is clarity

Redirection is a gift directly from the Universe (the gift we didn't necessarily know we needed)

Read here about 5 Reasons to Trust Your Path to allow the redirection, turning doubt into trust

Hiking through the Himalayan Mountains was an such an eye opening experience as we had the privilege to connect with local villagers in their home (a clay building with a straw roof and a wood stove). It is always so eye opening to experience such a open heart, an open home from complete strangers where in the Western world would seems to have nothing but yet give so much.

{In these moments we were SO grateful for the redirection}

Incredible India is known as being one of the most chaotic yet sacred and spiritual countries in the world as it offers inward peace and unity in an external reality of busyness and chaos. India offers the most beautiful landscapes around Northern India where you can experience amazing hiking to explore the Himalayan Mountains of India.

Ya know the kind of hiking where you just feel so small? We like to call these experiences humbling hiking experiences, where all of a sudden your concerns & worries don't seem so big after all, where you realize there is something so much bigger than yourself as a human being on this planet. 

Set up base camp, Himalayas Northern India #DiscoverYourAdventure

Check our latest YouTube Video to experience Humbling Hiking and how small yet so infinite we really are. what became possible for us when we allowed the redirection.

These are #lessonsfromtravel

We have found the greatest and most impactful lessons and integrated growth opportunities comes from travel. If you are ready to adopt a new lens in which you will never see the world around you the same again, take this opportunity to join us abroad!

86% of Adventure Retreat participants said the lens in which they view and see the world has been completely shifted! THIS is the kind of work we are out to do! We do not facilitate yoga retreat experiences to relax, rejuvenate and journal (however, you will have plenty of time to do this) American Wanderlove Adventure Retreats are out to shift lives, to raise the collective consciousness and create a space for YOU to step into your own unique adventure where unlimited love, freedom and passion exists, a life you have created by your own design, a life you LOVE!

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