Living A Life of Freedom

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

We live in a country where it is the land of the free...

Where opportunities and possibilities exist all around giving us the ability to design our lives according to our desires. We have everything we could imagine within the one country we live in. All the resources, connections and networking is practically within our hands or simply a short drive across the city. Take a second here to think...really get this...WOW... What an exciting world we live in. How awesome is it that we have everything we absolutely need within and around us to create a life we love.

What kind of life are you creating in the country home to The Land of The Free?

Yet more than 85% of people hate going to their jobs every Monday through Friday. Only having a short two day experience of freedom, living on the weekends. Living in the future, rather than being present - thinking and dreading about going back to work on Monday. Waking up already tired and going to bed completely exhausted after a day of work. Finishing the week becomes daunting and mundane. In America, we have 100% responsibility for the way our lives go.

Why do people live their one and only adventurous life from a mundane and routine state?

In America, we have 100% responsibility for the way our lives go. We have total freedom to design our life, however we want it to be. However we want it to look. This is why we choose to design a life living through our passions, experiencing total freedom and doing what we love. The land of the free offers us infinite possibilities! We have consciously chosen to create our lives around our passions - doing what we love. Doing what feels good because we believe this is the purpose in life.  Do what sets your soul on fire. Do what makes you happy. Do what serves you to be in your highest Self. 

We are gifting you with 3 ways on how we set up our lives to create total freedom in designing a life we love.

1. Simplify

Many people get caught in the game of who owns the most things. Not only the most, but the biggest and most expensive too - vehicles, houses, jewelry, fashion, eating out at restaurants, remodeling houses, cabinets, carpets, boats, etc...the list goes on for what people spend a lot of time, money and energy on - (add yours in here).

Instead of having more expenses and liabilities, simplify your cost of living. Rather than buying that second vehicle, or upgrading to a new model, stick with what you have. Use the extra money to invest in creating assets where your money will actually work for you - stocks, properties, investments, side business. Not only will you have to work less, you will end up creating more time and money to do what you love such as experiences and passions. Investing money into experiences will give you a lifetime of unforgettable moments. A lifetime of unforgettable memories. A lifetime your soul will always reflect, smile and thank you for.


2. Minimalize

People have a whole lot of crap in their life. I'm not talking about the emotional baggage crap people carry around. That's a story for later. I'm talking about the crap people have in their house, garage, around their house, people in their lives, habits they are involved in, the work load they bring home, etc...this list goes on forever.

It's time you take a few weekends to get rid of everything you don't need in your life. Those things you have been collecting for years in the garage. The amount of clothes you have that overflow in your closet, yet you still buy more...on credit cards. The multiple purses you have...yet you buy more because it looks good for "going out occasions." Eating out multiple times a week because cooking takes "too much time, energy and effort" to cook. Going out to bars on the weekends because that's where the excitement, joy and fun is experienced.

How many people do you know who look forward to and live for the weekends?

"Remember, what you tend to will grow. What you focus on in your life will expand. Where you spend your time, you will receive more. The choice is always yours."

I promise you. When you take the time to delete everything that does not serve you to grow and evolve into your greatest Self, you will have more time, freedom and energy to create a life you love. You will walk around feeling much lighter, without all the added stress, and get a glimpse of liberation. Take time to observe your life. Remember, what you tend to will grow. What you focus on in your life, will expand. Where you spend most of your time, you will receive more. The choice is always yours.


3. Follow Your Heart

Most people often settle for a life less than what they deserve. They settle for doing what they have to do, rather than choosing to create a life doing what they love to do. People fall asleep during the week, in a mundane state, going through the motions - day in and day out. Week after week, working towards their retirement...25 years down the road. People settle for less than they deserve because creating a life of your dreams is not safe, guaranteed, certain or predictable.

What are the odds of you winning if you were to gamble with your dreams?

In every decision we make, we ask ourselves, "Is this in alignment with our vision?" We are checking in with our heart's desires. Our heart, intuition, leads the way through four grand vision. We trust this. That's what has allowed us to create an International Online Coaching Business and facilitate International Adventure Retreats around the world. We don't make decisions from our ego - control, power, greed, certainty, predicting, assuming. Our ego restricts the ability to see possibilities based off our five limited senses. Always check in with your heart. If your heart is not fulfilled in what you do, that's a good sign to redirect the route you're living in life.

It sounds cliche to "follow your heart." But really, when you make conscious decisions in everything you do, life will start to place things, people and circumstances in your path that will support your evolution and growth.

Your heart is your guidance system to living a life you love.

Trust yourself.

Trust life.

Life is here to nurture and grow you.

Allow. Accept. Receive.

Let the beauty and magic of life reveal itself to you.

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