5 Simple steps to getting your passport

Are you looking to travel out of the country for your FIRST TIME EVER?

But you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with where to begin?

Put your worries and concerns behind you because this list will guide you to making this process so simple and so easy!

You’ll be traveling the world in just a few weeks with your NEW PASSPORT!

Did you know that 70% of Americans do not have their passport?

Only 35% of Americans have a valid passport compared to other Western countries like Australia, Europe and Canadians. In these countries, more than 70% of people are passport holders.

In our years of experience traveling the world and meeting people from all over the globe, we found that young people are highly encouraged go out and explore the world. It's part of their culture.

Many European countries encourage young people to take a ‘gap year' - also known as a sabbatical year - a year long break after college to travel and experience other parts of the world before jumping into their careers. A year to discover, get to know yourself, see the world and expand ones awareness about themselves and life across the world.

In America, we experience the pressures of growing up, getting through school as quickly as possible and jumping into a career that will make the most money so we can get the house and family and finally check all the boxes in the "American Dream" because that will mean we have finally reached success. This pressure combined with the fear of international travel has our country being one of the LOWEST percentage of passport holders in the Western world.

We are here to share there IS a SHIFT occurring, these numbers ARE on the rise as Americans are waking up to their deepest desires of TRUE freedom, travel, experiences, and adventure while they are young and able. The newer generation desires experiences over things, connection over solo success and growth over being 'right'. You are here because you are one of the Fearless Adventurers who is ready to tap into your adventurous spirit and you know the first step is getting your freaking passport.

Your passport is a privilege and holds a powerful key to unlocking FREEDOM

HERE ARE the 5 STEPS TO freedom

aka getting your passport

Visit the travel.state.gov website for more in depth detail about your application process and the steps to receive your passport

1. If you are applying for your passport for the first time, you must apply in person at a local post office near you. You must fill out the form DS-11 download form here and bring this completed form with you to the post office with your supporting documents.

You can find a local USPS here

2. Collect Your Supporting Documents

After you complete your DS-11 form, you will need these documents to verify you are a U.S. citizen:

Birth Certificate

Drivers license

2” x 2” Passport Photo

3. Get Your Passport Photo

Some USPS will take your passport photo, but not all of them. We highly encourage to get your 2” x 2” passport photo BEFORE going to the post office. You can get your passport photo at CVS, Walgreens, Costco, Walmart, Target etc.. The passport photos will cost $5-15.

*If you are looking to save some dough, you can take your own photo, use this app to take your own photo and send it in to your local drug store to print via kiosks for at low as .19cents. Keep in mind when taking the photo on your own to have a plain white background, tuck your hair behind your ears, remove all hats/headbands, and do NOT smile.

4. Passport Fee

Your passport fee will be paid at USPS and will be roughly $145 and will be valid for 10 years

5. You will submit your passport at USPS

Upon completing your application process for your very own passport, you will receive your passport via mail in 4-6 weeks. There is an option at additional cost to expedite the process where you can receive your passport in 2-4 weeks (additional $60).

After receiving your brand new passport in the mail, the next question is always...

Where the heck am I going to go?

The opportunities are now ENDLESS. Check out our 2020 Adventure Retreat schedule to see where in the world you can use your new passport and dive into the transformation AND adventure your gypsy soul is calling for.

If you run into any roadblocks along the way we are here to support you! Send us an email americanwanderlove@gmail.com to connect and we will guide you through the process of being the next American passport holder.

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