5 Reasons To Trust Your Path

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Has it ever not been worth it?

There are plenty of reasons we could all come up with for why we shouldn't follow our hearts.

Our ego can become so loud when we begin to walk the path towards our dreams. We tend to turn to our mind, which is designed to rationalize (ration lies) why we aren't good enough.

We have discovered for ourselves that, through every challenge, test and trial, following our hearts and trusting our path has ALWAYS been worth it.

We are committed to sharing our greatest lessons so that you too, can experience living a life from a place of love, passion and freedom.

1.The Universe Fully Supports You

Remember, the universe will always support your desires. Have you ever taken a moment to notice that the universe is always providing miracles? Every moment, even when things don't seem to be going the way we’d like them to, the universe has greater plans for our vision than our limited minds can see, predict and plan for.

Once we really saw this for ourselves, we created an effective guidebook, which we share in our Adventure Into U Coaching Program, that gives you the opportunity to become present to all of the signs that are there for you and completely trust the universe, your vision and the process.

2. Your Vision is Not About You

As you take inspired action towards your vision, it is life changing to recognize that it’s not about what you want. Remember, you are creating a vision that is so much bigger than you. The vision came through you because someone in the world else needs it.

Once you discover this, you can begin release the attachment to the outcome of things going the way want, which is ultimately where we experience resistance in the first place.

When we are only considering our doubts of why it can not work, we really rob people from the blessings of our message.

"Allow the unfolding to take place. This is the universe redirecting you, bringing you closer to your vision. The universe is here to support you and your desires."

3. Trust The Process

The universe will place obstacles directly in your path with the intention to test your readiness and ability to step into what you truly desire. This may bring up resistance within you in the forms of doubt, fear and frustration.

You may begin to question yourself asking, “Is this really for me?”…“There’s no way that I can truly make an impact.”...”Who really wants to hear what I have to say” At times, it may feel like the universe is against you, however, these obstacles and tests are meant to grow, evolve and expand you. It may require you to think outside of the box. Get creative to find solutions.

One of our coaching clients was faced with the challenge of having to quit her full time job in order to give herself the opportunity to travel for an extended period of time in pursuit of her vision. From the discoveries that she made during her participation in The Adventure Into You Coaching Program, she was able to recognize that trusting the process was completely necessary to not only live into her ultimate vision, but to do it with minimal resistance.

Remember, keep your faith, focus on your vision and trust the process.

4. Allow The Detours

The universe has a funny way of guiding us. It seems like we are losing control when things are falling out of place. Like the one time in India, for example, when NOTHING went as we originally planned.

As soon as we arrived, were immediately tested with obstacles that made us doubt and question if we were even choosing the right decision in traveling abroad to pursue our dreams. From missing our flight in Russia, to being scammed on the very first day in New Delhi, we observed old behavior patterns surfacing within both of us.

We ultimately discovered that its best not to allow the confusion, the feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed to knock you off your path, disconnecting you from your vision.

Allow the unfolding to take place. This is the universe redirecting you, bringing you closer to your vision. The universe is here to support you and your desires. Release control of how you want things to go and allow the universe to work its magic. You’d be surprised where you will be guided when allow the detours.

"As the universe is working its magic – guiding you and supporting you – allow the universe to create miracles for you."

5. Be Present & Enjoy The Ride

We find it all too easy to get caught up in the cloud of doubt, stopped dead in our tracks by fear, getting stuck in the spiderwebs of being overwhelmed.

When experiencing the sensations of doubt, fear and frustration, we are completely taken out of the present moment, robbing us of joy, gratitude and excitement.


Look around you.

Where can you acknowledge yourself for the qualities it has taken to get you where you are today? Where have you had to be confident? Where have you had to be bold, daring and courageous? These are all qualities to be acknowledged, which can only be done when you come back to the presence of what IS.

As the universe is working its magic – guiding you and supporting you – allow the universe to create miracles for you.

Take the time to acknowledge yourself during every step of your journey. Trust the ride and watch the miracles that unfold for you as you live into your vision.

After what seemed like resistance to our vision, we became aware very quickly that we were guided to exactly where we needed to be. Having the opportunity to explore the beauty & culture of Kashmir, the Himalayas of Northern India

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