3 Ways To Allow The Universal Law of Change

Updated: Aug 19, 2018

I don't need change in my life...

My life is fine the way it is...

I'm scared of change...

How often have you heard these statements?

Enjoying tea with a family in a Small Village in the Himalaya Mountain of Northern India

As a human being, I have naturally learned to become a creature of habit. I thrive in routine, structure and organization. So, when something changes in my life, whether it be a job, a relationship, living situation or my schedule, I experience resistance in allowing the change to take place because my mind has a habitual pattern of wanting to keep it all the same. My mind likes to keep order because this brings me a feeling of having life under my control. I feel a sense of safety and certainty when everything in my life is predictable and guaranteed. This false sense of reality brings a sense of knowing, comfort and security.

There is a HUGE problem here.

I have discovered that resisting change is the number one blockage in being open, growing and evolving into the best version of myself. Resisting change is what stopped me dead in my tracks in pursuing a life that was true to myself. A life where I could express my individuality and my uniqueness and utilize my special gifts in bringing value to other individuals in living a life true to themselves. It took me many years to learn how to not only accept change but welcome it with open arms. This is exactly why I am gifting you 3 life changing lessons for you to begin to allow the change to take place in your life. As soon as I reflected and thought about the lessons I have learned, I am now able to immediately shift my mind into a state of allowing, accepting and embracing the changes that occur in my daily life.

1. Let Go of Your Attachment

We tend to get attached to life being our way. Not because of selfish reasons, but because we are comfortable with the way things are going in our routine of life. It makes us feel good. It makes us feel safe. It makes us feel certain. This warm fuzzy feel good feeling creates a deep, underlying attachment. When things begin to change, to shift, especially the unpredictable, we experience uncomfortable sensations of fear, anxiety and worry. It may seem as if things are getting out of our control. This totally robs us of our high vibrational state of joy, peace, presence, gratitude and love. Through our Adventure Into U Coaching program, we teach the art and the beauty of letting go of attachment.

Our clients throughout the country have learned to become masters at observing their lives, being totally unattached to situations, outcomes and circumstances, asking themselves, “What am I attached to in this situation?” This simple question raises a high level of awareness. And awareness always precedes change. Awareness precedes transformation. By letting go of attachment we learn to develop an awareness of what we have been holding onto and what is truly important to us.

The more we can lean into letting go, the more we will be able to RECEIVE.

Kitchen of our houseboat

2. Shift Your Belief

Often, when we resist change, we are blocked by a certain belief that is not allowing us the space for change to occur. Like people who refuse to ask for help…their belief could be they do not need help, they know what to do, they might feel uncomfortable asking for help…

When we have the awareness to recognize a belief that is blocking us, this gives us the power to shift into a new belief. We have the power to choose to take on a new belief. With the new belief instilled within us, we can choose to respond differently as change occurs. We can choose to believe change is necessary to bring out the best version of ourselves. We can choose to see that change is raising us to the next level, the next phase of life and is commanding us to grow and evolve. Remember, what we choose to believe will either limit and restrict us or serve and grow us. The choice is yours.

3. Look for what is new and exciting

In times of change, we often look at what we are losing and what is going to be different. This perspective brings a feeling of loss which leads to dis-empowering thoughts and feelings. Rather than taking on this perspective, we can choose to see and look at what is new and exciting in the change. We can create a perspective of gaining as if we will be entering an entirely new world with new opportunities and new possibilities. We can ask ourselves, “Now, what is possible with this new and exciting change? What is new and different?” By asking ourselves thought provoking questions, we will rewire our minds to see the world with a completely new and exciting perspective.

Now, with a new perspective and belief of allowing, accepting and embracing change, you will experience life to flow with more ease and excitement as you stay completely open to change.

Change and transformation is one of the natural universal laws that occur in all beings - plants, animals and human. The weather seasons change. The number of years of being alive change. The generations we live in change. They all change, grow and evolve into greater and grander versions of themselves.

Dal Lake, Srinagar, India "The Swiss Alps of India"

As you experiencing change in your life whether it be a new job opportunity or promotion, a break up, a new living situation, maybe it is even a death of a family member, these are the moments to integrate these powerful lessons.

1. Let go of your attachment- the way you believe it should be.

2. Shift this belief - choose a new belief that will serve you to grow and evolve into the stage of your life.

3. Look for what is new and exciting - take a look on how you might be able to view the same situation from a perspective of growth and gain.

As we integrate these lessons, use these powerful and empowering daily mantras that will shift your language to support your new beliefs around change.

I welcome change! For change brings new and exciting opportunities to my life.

I am open to growing and expanding my life!

I am courageous and bold in taking action toward nurturing and growing my life!

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