3 steps to creating your dream life

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

In 2018 we left our full-time jobs as a Personal Trainer and Critical Care Registered Nurse to pursue our dreams and design a life we love.

For us, that meant traveling the world-- facilitating Transformational Adventure Retreats and Leading Life-Shifting Coaching Programs.

If you look at stories like this and think "that's just not relevant to me, I could never do that", then prepare to have your world shifted.

Limiting belief systems like "that's just not in my cards", "they are so lucky, I am not", "I wish I could live that life but I can't" will stop you dead in the tracks of living life.

You can TOTALLY design and live out your dream life!

(A life you're excited to wake up to, even on Mondays)

Maybe you don't want to travel the world or be an entrepreneur like us, but you DO have dreams, and you DO know that there is more to life.

The best part is that everything you need to achieve this you already have.

Here are 3 principles you can apply to start creating the life of your dreams:

(we recommend grabbing something to jot notes with)

1. Get Super Clear on What Success Means to You

One of the first questions we ask our students is what does success mean to YOU?

Not what society tells you.

Not what your parents tell you.

Not what the celebrities and artists tell you.

Ask yourself:

1. What does MY version of success look like?

2. What would I be doing to feel successful?

Inspired Action (this is the part where you take notes):

Begin creating a list of what success means to YOU. Write it ALL down, there are no limitations.


  • To feel free in my body, my mind, my day to day life

  • To have the freedom of time to travel when I desire

  • To experience love every single day for myself and everyone around me

  • To be financially free and out of debt

  • To have a healthy relationship with my parents

Keep the list going. You will be surprised what success REDEFINED looks like for your world. As you gain clarity on your definition of success, you will be able to begin putting the pieces of the puzzle together in creating your unique adventure called LIFE.

2. Know What Is Important To You

There is still a common belief in the older generation that living a life that makes you happy seems to be "selfish."

We're here to tell you if you want to make the world a better place, start by doing what makes you happy and it will radiate and inspire others to do the same.

What are your top 3 values?

By knowing the top 3 values you live by, you will be able to eliminate the daily distractions and habits that don't align with your value system. You will start saying "YES" to what actually brings you joy and happiness, ultimately moving you forward into your vision.

Inspired Action:

Create some time to meditate on what is really important to YOU.

Some examples include:

  • Freedom

  • Integrity

  • Community

  • Dedication

  • Authenticity

  • Truthfulness

  • Passion

Always come back to the question: What is really important to ME?

If you are not clear on what is important to you, you will end up taking on the values (serving or NOT serving) of the people you spend the most time around.

For instance, one of our three core values is FREEDOM. Freedom is the fuel to every choice we make, what we choose to participate in, and the basis of all our decisions.

Because we are clear on what is important to us (our core values), when an offer or opportunity arises that does not align with our values we don't have to hesitate, feel bad or become confused. It is clear as day. We are liberated!

YOU have this same power!

3. Take Consistent Action

Now that you are super clear on what success means to you, and you know the values that drive you-- you can now take daily consistent action that is in alignment with the vision you are piecing together.

What is your one-year, six month and three month vision?

Knowing your vision of the future, you can create a roadmap - with target goals - that will support you in living your version of success and soon living your dream.

If you are unclear on SPECIFICALLY what you want to see be manifested in a timely manner how will you even know where to start?

Inspired Action:

When setting goals it is important to think of the place you desire to reach (the end goal, the ‘finish line’). Ask yourself, one year from now what would I like to see, experience, feel in my day to day to life? Always start there and work your way back to now.

Setting attainable, timely, measurable goals takes practice and guidance in the beginning. It is SUCH an important step we have committed to helping you get there.

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Stephanie, Adventure Into U Coaching

Stephanie, corporate manager turned world traveler, came to us with lack of clarity and direction yet a burning desire to travel the world.

Through her 30 minute Discovery Call and using American Wanderlove’s Framework for Living the Adventures of Life She is now LIVING that dream RIGHT NOW on a one year trip around the world.

She says: "I was always a dreamer but never living my dream. Because of the Adventure Into U Coaching Program and Bali Adventure Retreat- now I am!"

And you can too!

Join the adventure everyone is talking about. See more at www.americanwanderlove.com

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