Scotty and Leslie, founders of American Wanderlove, are committed to being the catalyst for you to achieve personal freedom!  


That is why they are offering you  a special opportunity  to personally connect with them in a 20-30 minute Zoom Discovery Call!

On this call they will guide you through the process of creating your very own vision statement -  an Adventure Declaration - that is the roadmap to designing your life.


With their help, you will gain clarity towards your life’s purpose, feeling more excited than ever! You will leave the call with action steps you can take towards creating the life you truly want.


Who doesn't want clarity on creating the life they desire with tangible action steps to manifesting it?

Testimonials From Discovery Call Participants 

"Through the Adventure Into U Program what I’ve learned is that I am making an impact every single day, and I have access to freedom at any given time. 


By Becoming the Observer, Playing in My Passions, practicing gratitude and consciously shifting fear into love, somewhere along the lines I have shifted one of my massive fears that has held me back for so long. I have completely stepped into a conscious space where I have designed the life I’m living and I have learned I have the power to design it anyway I want and experience adventure every single day. 

I am now living a life by my own design. This wouldn’t have been made possible without the two of you and the teachings in your program.

I truly believed you two have saved my entire life."

— Candy W.

 Transformational Coach 

"I cannot express the impact that both Scotty and Leslie have had on my life.


I started the mentorship program early this year and I have had so much growth and clarity on my purpose in life and what I truly desire to do. I have made huge life choices and I am so excited where my life is heading now than where it was a year ago. I would have never realized my potential without the guidance of both Leslie and Scotty, one of the best things I have ever done was take part in the Adventure Into U program.

If you are considering the Adventure Into U Mentorship, DO IT!


It will change your life; I am so thankful that I did!"

— Stephanie R.

Health & Fitness Program Manager

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