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beFlow BalI 




Why Bali?

Island of the Gods

Known as, 'Island of The Gods', Bali is the most sacred island in all of Indonesia where people from all over the world journey to for personal and spiritual transformation.


Join us in the heart of the Hindu culture - Ubud, Bali - where exotic stone temples meet the luscious Balinese Jungles. Observe the mischievous monkey's roaming around the iconic temples, beautiful beaches and jungles. Enjoy the stunning sunrise from the top of the Holy and Active Volcano, Mount Batur, followed by an adventurous trek around the crater. Witness one of the most infamous fire ceremonies "Kecak Fire Dance" in Uluwatu, home to the famous Uluwatu Temple and world re-known surf spot, Padang Padang. This is just a few of the countless number of reasons for why Bali, Indonesia has been awarded the #1 Travel Destination in Asia (2017 & 2018) by Trip Advisor. 


Get ready to fill your heart with pure freedom as you are guided through the most epic 8 day/7 night of soul expanding exploration in the world renowned destination for unforgettable adventures.  

Every single one of the past participants from BeFlow Bali Adventure Retreat has said over and over how truly special Bali is, "you can feel it in the air, there is just something about the energy here" Even upon returning to the states participants always share how much the special energy of Bali shifted something from within. They still experience the inner calm, inner peace Bali naturally cultivates.


Why American Wanderlove Transformational Adventure Retreats are unique

Get Ready For The Ultimate Adventure +

A Giant Sleepover with Your Warrior Tribe on The Other Side of The World!

Here's a small glimpse of what were getting ourselves into!

Have you been dying to add a couple stamps on your passport & officially say YES to FREEDOM in THIS LIFETIME? Do you have a burning desire to adventure across the world & simply PLAY out in nature with your warrior women adventure tribe? 


Join us as we connect to experience the adventure retreat of a lifetime enjoying self exploration and evolution in the beautiful foreign lands of Bali, Indonesia while at the same time making a massive shift in our consciousness. 


You can expect to reawaken your adventurous spirit through epic and transformational journey through adventures while discovering the diverse terrain around the 'Island of The Gods." You will be guided through unforgettable experiences that will shift your internal world to live from a place of love, passion and freedom. American Wanderlove Adventure Retreats are specifically designed to bring personal growth and development into the experiential learning of nature through adventures. From the years of our experience in health, wellness, personal and spiritual growth we have come to the same conclusion that learning in a classroom, seminar or conference room can only grow an individual to a limited capacity because it is not just about learning and knowing. Using the similar cutting edge mindset and law of attraction teachings, we integrate knowledge and lessons discovered through transformational adventures and workshops resulting in accelerated personal growth and expansion beyond what our rational minds can predict, expect or explain. 


According to the surveys conducted post-retreat,

100% of participants said upon returning home from the Transformational Adventure Retreat they felt more motivated and inspired to create a change in their life that will further expand, grow and evolve who they are. They felt they now can fully tap into their Adventurous Spirit, aka their full potential. 

100% of participants said they left feeling more connected to their heart and open-minded to explore new relationships and ideas.

100% of participants said "absolutely!" to the fact they learned new tools, practices and methods to utilize in their everyday life to overcome any negative effects from external stimulus (stress, anxiety, lack of energy and motivation, depression, time management) Who wants tools & resources to overcome the negative effects of stress, anxiety, the 'balancing act' of everyday life? How amazing would that be??!

86% of participants said the lens in which they view and see the world has been completely shifted! THIS is the kind of work we are out to do! This is not a yoga retreat experience to relax, rejuvenate and journal (however, you will have plenty of time to do this) American Wanderlove Adventure Retreats are out to shift lives, to raise the collective consciousness and create a space for YOU to step into your own unique adventure where unlimited love, freedom and passion exists, a life you have created by your own design, a life you LOVE!

With 100% of participants saying they would recommend an American Wanderlove Adventure Retreat to a friend. Don't take it from us, take it from the other Fearless Adventurers who are just like you!


American Wanderlove is committed to bringing you the highest quality and most valuable transformational experience during your International Adventure Retreats where you will discover a new lens in how you see and view the world around you. You will leave inspired to take action on these discoveries in creating your one and only adventure called LIFE!


Schedule is subject to change

Saturday May 25th

2:00 pm Check-in, arrival to Treehouse Villa

4:00pm Welcoming Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony 

6:00pm Welcome Group Dinner 

8:00pm Yoga Nidra & Brain Balancing and Healing Gentle Yoga Journey 

Sunday May 26th

7:00 am Breakfast
8:00 am Amed Beach Day, Snorkeling & Boat Option (additional cost) 
 5:30pm Sunset Point with Mount Agung Volcano View

Monday May 27th

6:45 am Yoga Journey
8:00 am Breakfast
9:00 am Monkey Forrest 
11:00 am Ubud Shopping & Exploration 
6:00 pm 'Discover Your Adventure' Workshop


Tuesday May 28th

6:45 am Yoga Journey

8:00 am Breakfast

Play In Your Passions

Free Day


Wednesday May 29th

2:00 am Active Volcano Trek
10:00 am Coffee Plantation  
Afternoon Rest
5:00pm ‘BeFlow' Workshop
7:00 pm Group Celebration Dinner  

Thursday May 30th

6:45 am Yoga Journey
8:00 am Breakfast
9:00 am Waterfall Exploration

7:00 pm 'Release to Receive' Fire Ceremony

Friday May 31st

7:00 am Breakfast
8:00 am Uluwatu Beach Day, Surf Play optional (additional cost)
4:30 pm Sunset at Uluwatu Temple 
6:00 pm Local Kecak Fire Dance

Saturday June 1st

6:45 am Yoga Journey
8:00 am Breakfast
10:00 am Check out 


What do our fearless adventurers say about Beflow Bali?

Don't take it from us, hear what our Fearless Adventurers have to say...

American Wanderlove is everything you didn't know you needed. BeFlow Bali brought nature, culture, power, enlightenment and so much it inspires so much within you that has been itching to come out. This trip was one of the best experiences I've had, with some of the best people. We all connected immediately and fell in love with Bali everyday. The people are amazing and everything about the island just calls you in. I can't wait to go back and see what American Wanderlove has in store for the future." -Brianna M. 

The BeFlow Bali Adventure Retreat was epic! So well prepared and organized, I saw so much of Bali in that week. One of the best trips I have ever done, really got to experience the local culture, learned how to surf or at least attempted at it, got to climb an active volcano and be above the clouds and of course the best part having a monkey steal oreos out of my backpack, these are experiences that I will never forget. I have made lifelong friends and have had the adventure of a lifetime, if you are considering doing either the BeFlow Bali Adventure Retreat or the Adventure Into U mentorship or even both, DO IT! It will change your life; I am so thankful that I did!" -Stephanie R.

"Saying yes to American Wanderlove is saying yes to yourself and what the universe has planned for you. The entire experience was uniting with a family you didn’t know was out there, sharing in the most mind-blowing adventures, and seeing unimaginable beauty every single day. The growth I saw in not just me, but every single person at the retreat was one of the most important experiences of my life at its best!"- Kaitlyn R.

Your Luxurious Treehouse Villa

The Accommodation 

Your unique Luxurious Treehouse Villa Accommodation for the week of BeFlow Bali is surrounded by rice fields, jungles and jackfruit trees just outside the town of Ubud. You will enjoy the quite, serene and peaceful sounds of nature. With a unique hobbit like treehouse feel this accommodation is unlike any you have seen before! 


The Treehouse Villa has 5 Bedrooms and 5.5 Bathrooms with plenty of common hang out space, a yoga shala, full kitchen, infinity pool with lay out pool chairs, and many more amenities that you will personally experience to make your stay one to remember forever. To ensure you have the best stay, we have a team of Local Balinese staff who go above and beyond to cater to all of our needs, whether it be customized breakfast/lunch/dinners, scheduling transport for your free time or making a delicious french press Bali coffee. We promise you will never experience a Luxurious Villa quite like this Treehouse! 


All of the details and information can be found at the bottom of this page.


Enjoy the virtual tour of your luxurious treehouse space where this one-of-a-kind experience awaits your adventurous soul. 

Your guide

Candy Wheeler

International Leader, Coach and Mentor. Founder of Woman Warrior In You, LLC

Candy Wheeler is a playful yogini obsessed with having fun and living life! As an international leadership coach & mentor and founder of The Warrior in You, A Transformational Coaching Business, Candy has been helping women across the globe reconnect to the power of their own inner warrior and take an official stand for themselves and their vision to be a massive impact on the world.


She is responsible for facilitating women’s retreats and virtual coaching programs for women who have a burning desire for MORE out of this life. These offerings have been proven to cause massive shifts in consciousness resulting in a new found personal freedom, paving the way for women in leadership roles to step into their power.


Candy is committed to leading and elevating women through this planetary revolution known as the Divine Rising Feminine bringing equality to the masculine and feminine powers returning us all to place of harmony and balance by showing women what IS possible when we connect with one another to build each other up instead of tear each other down.


As an Ambassador for Living the Adventures of Life℠ she chooses to live from a place of love, passion and freedom every single day by helping warrior women realize their own inner strength, courage and divine light within. 

For more information about Candy and the impact she is making as an Ambassador for Living the Adventures of Life℠

head over to womanwarriorinyou.com

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A note from Candy

Your guide, Ambassador for Living the Adventures of Life℠ & total badass leader

Women across the globe are consciously carrying out their visions and holding space for many, but it takes someone special to have the awareness that the greatest power lies within allowing space to be held for you.

Whether you have already been playing BIG for years or you've recently experienced a burning desire for more, one thing is for certain: nothing will connect you even deeper to your purpose quite like the notion of saying YES to yourself and your wildest dreams despite some of your greatest fears!

This is exactly why I've said yes to becoming an Ambassador for Living the Adventures of Life℠ through American Wanderlove and am now hosting my very own BeFlow Bali Transformational Adventure Retreat- The Warrior Way- to create a space for women like you and me to fill up, recharge and nourish our visions as leaders to be a stand for what IS possible and BE a massive impact on the world. 

I cannot wait to grow through adventure with you! We rise higher together!

The Journey 

Travel Information

You will fly in/out of Ngurah Rai International Airport, also known as Denpasar International Airport (DPS). The only airport on the island located 13 km/8 miles south of Denpasar.

BeFlow Bali Transformational Adventure Retreat begins at 4:00pm with a Welcoming Heart- Opening Cacao Ceremony on May 25th! You can arrive to the Treehouse Villa as early as 2pm to check in and explore the luxurious treehouse jungle accommodation and get settled. After securing your spot by placing the required deposit you can expect a few emails over the next few months to best prepare you for your adventure across the world! (Villa address, Bali specific information, health/CDC recommendations, passport/visa requirements and so much more!)

We highly suggest making it to the Island of the God's (Bali) at least 1, 2, 3 days (or more) prior to the start of the retreat to allow you to rest, work through the jet lag and experience the uniqueness of the culture before diving into your transformational adventure retreat. We can provide you private jungle view accommodation for as low as ($20/night) with breakfast included. Once you have booked your flights, you will need to email your flight itinerary to womanwarriorinyou@gmail.com or americanwanderlove@gmail.com so we can set up your private driver to pick you up from the airport (included in retreat cost). If you would like us to arrange accommodation for you, prior to the start of the adventure retreat, please let us know. 


The last day of the retreat, June 1st, we will check out at 10am. The villa always works with us in allowing us to check out of the rooms and hang out at the pool/downstairs until 12pm. If you need to fly out upon completion of of the Adventure Retreat we recommend you book your departure flights for the evening of June 1st. We highly encourage you to take more time for yourself (if available) by staying at extra 1-2 days in Bali where you can enjoy reflection, rejuvenation and reseting after the jam-packed week of BeFlow Bali Adventures. We can set up any accommodation or recommend any tours you might be interested in.


Your next steps 

STEP 1: Learn about BeFlow Bali The Warrior Way experience by fully reading this web page, why Bali is so special, why American Wanderlove Adventure Retreats are unique, the location, accommodation, and Click FAQs to clarify any questions you may have. 

STEP 2: Click 'Take Me To Bali' to continue with your commitment to adventure to select your room and secure your spot. $400 USD non-refundable deposit required at this time.

STEP 3: You will receive a confirmation email and we will follow up with you personally to set up a customized payment plan, if needed. Prior to BeFlow Bali you will receive multiple resources via email to best prepare you for your trip across the world. Woman Warrior In You & American Wanderlove are committed to being your guides before, during and after your transformational experience. We really get how big of a breakthrough it is to finally say 'YES' to yourself.

 STEP 4: Begin searching airfare via Skyscanner and Google Flights or your favorite airline directly. Begin affirming "I AM GOING TO BALI, I am open and ready to receive the transformation of a lifetime!"


Write us at womanwarriorinyou@gmail.com or americanwanderlove@gmail.com or use the contact form above if you have any questions about the trip, how to sign up or anything else that comes up along the way.


We are here to guide you through this transformational process.

By reserving your space and placing your deposit, you are agreeing to the stated policies in our Agreement. Please read all details below.

BeFlow Bali the warrior way

Transformational Adventure Retreat


7 nights at the Luxurious Treehouse Villa
Yoga Journeys, Pranayama (breath-work), Himalayan Kundalini, Kriya Yoga, Hatha, Yoga Nidra, Mediation & more!

Airport pick up

Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony
Local Organic Vegetarian Balinese Breakfast included
Mount Batur Sunrise Mountain Hike
Waterfall Exploration

Temple with Local Kecak Fire Dance
Sacred Monkey Forrest

2 diverse beach days
Private driver for group activities

2 local organic vegetarian group dinners

‘Release to Receive’ Fire Ceremony

‘Discover Your Adventure’ Workshop

‘BeFlow’ Workshop

1-hour poolside traditional Balinese massage

Not Included:

Lunches/Dinners (average cost $2-7/meal)

Taxis/drivers on your free time

Snorkel rental

Surf board rental
Additional Spa treatments

Extra Nights (we can arrange for you)


Now, take a deep breath and buckle up as you will be taken to the booking page where you get to choose your room in your Luxurious Treehouse Villa located in the jungle of Bali, Indonesia. 

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