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BEflow Bali



Why Bali?


Awarded the #1 Travel Destination in Asia for two years in a row by Trip Advisor (2017-2018), 

You will discover why Bali, Indonesia is a top destination to travel. Bali is a sacred island, known as the "Island of the Gods," where people from all over the world journey to for personal and spiritual transformation and cultural experiences. 

On your 8 day/7 night women’s leadership retreat in Bali, you can expect a life shifting, growth promoting, evolutionary experience through exploring the breathtaking nature on the Island of the Gods with your new soul tribe, transformational yoga, meditation, workshops, adventure, friendships, and more!

Every single retreater has said over and over how truly special Bali is saying, "you can feel it in the air, there is just something about the energy here." Upon returning to the states, retreaters share how much the special energy of Bali positively-shifted their lives, ignited new desires and new passions and re-connected to a piece of themselves, their purpose.



Schedule is subject to change

Private driver and adventure van supplied for all group activities

Saturday May 23rd

2:00 pm Check-in, arrival to Luxurious Eco-Nature Villa

4:00pm Welcoming Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony

6:00pm Welcome Organic Group Dinner

8:00pm Healing Breathwork & Meditation Journey

Sunday May 24th

6:45 am Yoga Journey

8:00 am  Organic Balinese Breakfast

9:00 am Monkey Forest Adventure

11:00 am Ubud Shopping & Exploration

6:00 pm Conscious Leadership Workshop

8:00 pm Group Dinner

Monday May 25th

7:00 am  Organic Balinese Breakfast

8:00 am Amed Snorkeling and Boat Adventure

5:30pm Mount Agung Sunset Volcano View Point ​

Tuesday May 26th

8:00 am Heart Opening Yoga Journey

9:30 am  Organic Balinese Breakfast

Free Day - rest, explore and connect

Wednesday May 27th

2:00 am Sunrise Active Volcano Hike

10:00 am Coffee Plantation  

Afternoon Rest

6:00 pm Group Dinner

8:00pm Balancing Sadhana Chakra Meditation

Thursday May 28th

6:45 am Yoga Journey

8:00 am Organic Balinese Breakfast

9:00 am Waterfall Exploration and River Trekking

5:00pm Conscious Leadership Workshop

'Release to Receive' Fire Ceremony

8:00 pm Group Celebration Dinner

Friday May 29th

8:00 am OSHO Dynamic Meditation and Yoga Journey

9:30 am Organic Balinese Breakfast

11:00 am Nature and River Exploration 

5:30 pm Local Temple and Kecak Fire Dance

Saturday May 30th

6:45 am Yoga Journey

8:00 am Organic Balinese Breakfast

9:00 am Closing Circle

10:00 am Check out



American Wanderlove Adventure Retreats are specifically designed for the modern day high-achieving individual who is open to self-discovery, personal development, spiritual growth and epic adventures. Listen and see the diverse range of beautiful souls we attract into our transformational retreat experiences.



Wellness Manager

The BeFlow Bali Retreat was an experience that will stay with me forever. The Retreat Leaders create this adventure with so much love and intention, you can feel it in every experience. Every single day was filled with activities that inspired so much wonder, playfulness and awe within me. The sisterhood dynamic that’s created makes the retreat feel very homelike even though you’re all the way across the world. I’m forever thankful to have been apart of such an incredible adventure!

The BeFlow Bali Retreat was by far one of the coolest experiences had in my life. Not only did I get to adventure but I really got to go inward and experience ME even deeper during all of these activities! Candy and Leslie created such a VIBE for us full of LOVE, CONNECTION, AND EXPLORATION! Saying YES to myself was one of the best things I could've done for myself! Thank you American Wanderlove!


Mindset coach


Fitness coach

I have had the opportunity to attend the BeFlow Bali Adventure Retreat and it was so amazing - the workshops that encourage you to dive deeper, the yoga and meditation that integrated all the teachings and concepts and the beautiful connections made with the other women. Saying YES to myself the first time, led me to an adventure of a lifetime that I couldn't be more grateful<3

"I came to Bali with no idea what to expect. My heart was calling me to adventure, so I said YES. In one week I’ve discovered so many things about myself—facing my fears of traveling abroad ALONE as a female, releasing control of work back home, experiencing the discomfort of being in the unknown.​ BeFlow Bali  has been an “adventure retreat” externally and internally and will definitely not be my last time." 

By attending BeFlow Bali, the way in which you view, see and live in the world will be completely transformed! You will discover new aspects of yourself to feel connected through Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation. You will connect with your passions to feel alive through soul-expanding adventures and nature. You will ignite the desires that fuel your spirit to feel inspired through life-shifting workshops. 

This is not your average yoga retreat experience where you relax, rejuvenate and journal. By attending BeFlow Bali, the way in which you view, see, and live in the world will be completely transformed.