Breath Into U

Breathe Into U is a LIVE WEEKLY INTERACTIVE BREATH AND MEDITATION SERIES that will take you on an inward journey into the deepest depths of your heart and soul where you will discover the power to heal and transform your internal world - emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Each session is 90 minutes.


Each Journey has a theme - an intention - where we will invoke specific parts of ourselves to open up, heal and transform using breathing exercises, ancient healing techniques, guided meditations, interactive exercises and powerful vibrations and frequencies.

Date: Sunday, June 23rd

Time: 7:00pm- 8:30pm MST

*Limited spots available

Location: Virtual Zoom Video Call

If you are unable to make the live version, please register and you will receive the 

the audio/video recording of the version to experience the journey on your own free 


"Scotty has a way of knowing exactly what you need in the moment, his strong powerful voice speaks directly to you and has you tap into areas of yourself you have been searching for, just thinking about the journeys I have goosebumps. It is an intense connection I can only explain as spiritual." -Kaitlyn, San Diego

Breathe Into U Journey Presents: Rewrite Your Story
- Do you feel limited and restricted in life?
- Do you feel like you are going through the same motions week after week?
- Do you feel like every day is the same routine?
- Do you feel empowered, excited and alive in your life?
- Are you being pulled through your week because you have to OR because you are choosing to?

It has become the norm for people to settle into life doing what they feel like they have to rather than consciously choosing a life they get to create.

It's as if we people have become the hamster on the hamster wheel, running in circles because that is what we have been told to do.

85% of people in society is running on autopilot feeling unsatisfied, unfulfilled and a lack of passion in their every day life. This is because 95% of our daily life is run by our subconscious minds - the thoughts and beliefs - that have been programmed by cultural expectations, propaganda (news, media, marketing and advertising) and societal pressures. This means that most people in today's world are only consciously choosing 5% of their thoughts, behaviors, habits and actions!

Can you believe that??

In this Journey of Breathe Into U, you will explore the stories that are running 95% of our life. In order to access this space deep in your subconscious mind, you will need to drop into your heart - out of your mind - through breathwork, visualization and meditation. Once arriving in this deeply meditative space, your brain will be in a Theta wave state - the third phase of BeFlow in the process of transcending the mind - where we have the power and healing capacity to rewire, recreate and rewrite the stories that have been running our lives resulting in new stories that support, serve and empower our highest self - our adventurous spirit - to live consciously and intentionally in our power. You will awake with a new sense of energy and aliveness that has you inspired to create your one and only adventurous life!

Each journey is guided by Scotty King - a Master Meditation Wizard and Himalayan Kundalini Yoga Teacher - who is committed to guiding adventurous souls through a integrative, holistic, transformative and healing inward journey of self-discovery. He has studied Eastern medicines, ancient wisdom and sacred teachings of Yoga - at the birthplace of Yoga- in India along with various forms of meditation throughout India, Nepal and Indonesia. Scotty will ignite the light within your adventurous soul that will leave you radiating love and potential.


Scotty is currently a full-time world traveler and conscious entrepreneur living the creative lifestyle through facilitating Transformational Adventure Retreats and Leading Life-Shifting Coaching Programs around the world as he guides individuals into discovering a life of their own one and only adventure.

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