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Are you ready to dive deeper into yourself to heal and transform your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual worlds? We offer in-person private or group and online heart-opening cacao and breathwork journeys that will ignite your soul to come ALIVE where you experience loving light take over your being, receive clarity on your life's path and get connected you to your souls purpose and potential.


Each heart-opening cacao ceremony and breathwork journey is two-hours. The first 30 minutes, we design the framework for the journey through intentional and heart connecting conversations while getting connected to the spirit of cacao and creating clear intentions for the experience. Then, we will dive into a 60-minute guided breathwork and meditation journey. In the last 30-minutes, we will share and reflect on your heart-opening experience and provide you with valuable tools and resources for you to take with you that will have you feeling heart-centered as you go out into the world to create your life. 

Schedule your 15-minute intention activation session here and together we will create an intention that is going to change your life in this heart-opening ceremonial cacao and breathwork journey.

Are you in the San Diego area? See our in-person and online events below! 


"In the breathwork and meditation, I'm starting to feel shifts and I'm excited about for that. It's becoming easier to make the breathwork and setting intentions a daily habit because I do feel like I am experiencing shifts and it's addicting. I had a couple of times when doing breathwork and meditation where I felt an overwhelming feeling of love. It was very brief but amazing. I have a better mindset and more energy.

I haven't been "sweating the small stuff" and I definitely feel more optimistic and driven, it's as if I am living and seeing through a different lense. It's subtle but I've had a few times where it's been pretty pronounced that this breathwork and meditation is causing positive changes in my life."

Jeran, company manager


Local & Virtual events