To reawaken your adventurous spirit by guiding you into changing the way you experience life through transformational adventure retreats and life-shifting coaching programs

Hello Adventurous Soul! We are, Scotty King and Leslie Medley, the creators of American Wanderlove - A Global Influencing Company. 

We are just like you. We followed the traditional path of pursuing a higher level of education in University, graduated with our Bachelor's Degree in what we thought we had always wanted to do and went out into the real world to begin a career as a Critical Care Registered Nurse and a Personal Trainer. 

But something was still missing. 


We didn't feel fulfilled. We didn't feel excited. We quickly saw ourselves falling into the day in and day out hustle of the 9-5. We didn't feel the aliveness of passion, love and freedom flowing through our veins. 

So, we knew there HAD to be something more out there, we weren't exactly sure what but we decided to start making changes. We created a vision, a vision that was bigger than us, that scared us at the same time excited us more than ever before - a dream - and now we are living the dream where we feel radiantly alive with passion, freedom and love every day. 


In 2018, we courageously left our full-time 'American Dream' jobs to pursue OUR dream in living through our passions of traveling the world full-time while facilitating Transformational Adventure Retreats and leading Life-Shifting Coaching Programs.  

Throughout this exciting journey in this one and only adventure we call LIFE, we have studied and practiced yoga at the base of the Himalayas of India, in a sacred town where yoga originated, becoming a 300hr and 500hr Registered Yoga Teachers who specialize in Himalayan Kundalini, Kriya Yoga, Vedic, Tantric Transcendental Wisdom and Sattva Meditation. 


We have studied and practiced the scientifically proven methods of OSHO Meditation in India that results in healing and liberation of chronic pain, emotional and mental traumas (dis-eases) and have studied Vipassana Meditation in Nepal that promotes mental, physical and emotional wellbeing to counter the affects of stress, anxiety and depression. 

Throughout our world travels and experiences of cultures outside of America, we have gained an enormous amount of ancient wisdom, philosophies and insights from the Eastern world for living an integrated and holistic lifestyle combined with our modern day law of attraction techniques, subconscious programming tools & resources and years of leadership and communication trainings. 


As you can see, we discovered a new way of building our resumes and acquiring credentials through the experiential learning of LIFE, nature and epic adventures. We created a new and improved American Dream that felt GOOD to us, one that was completely outside society standards.


Like we said, we are people who are just like you but we choose to live in the world of the extraordinary where we realize we have the power to design a life where we have the freedom to live in our passions, having the freedom to what we want and living a life we love. This is Living the Adventures of Life℠

Through playing in our passion we were led to our purpose of guiding thousands of individuals into living their one and only unique adventurous life where you awaken your adventurous spirit, living in your passions and connected to your purpose. 

All it takes is a grand vision, consistent action staying in alignment with your vision and a belief that you can achieve anything. 

Look at us, we did it which is evidence you can do it too. 

This is Living the Adventures of Life℠  and we have a framework that will guide your way into creating YOUR one and only adventure called LIFE. Let's [co]create a life worthy of YOU!


Sabrina, University Student

"This transformational experience  increased my awareness through having self-realizations in how proud I am to be the woman who I am becoming. Now, I am increasing my spiritual connection, like thinking about and setting my intentions for the day, reading self-development books, as well as completing weekly project lists. I am able to dig deep within myself, discover and learn things about myself that I couldn't have done on my own."

Candy, Transformational Coach

"By working with Scotty and Leslie my life has completely shifted into a space of adventure. I have doubled my income by creating a successful side business as a transformational coach. I am doing what I love through my passions. I created the opportunity to travel to 7 different countries within ONE YEAR! The Adventure Into U program guided me into creating a life by my own design, doing what I love, living in my passions. This has me living on high frequency, attracting all that I desire."

Stephanie, Corporate Wellness Manager

"This Adventure Quest experience with Scotty and Leslie taught me that my past and present circumstances do not define who I am. I choose to create my life by living in my passions.  I discovered that I am capable of making my own path for

myself based off of my dreams and desires."​


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