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We are International Retreat Leaders, Teachers and Healers who facilitate soul expanding experiences through Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation. 

Our favorite 'tools' for igniting transformation are adventure and nature because we believe in the power of experiential learning where you are put in a position to apply the teachings, wisdom and knowledge to the ultimate test, LIFE. 

Together, we create heart-centering experiences for modern day people to connect to their purpose so their deepest desires, dreams and visions come ALIVE.

The secret to happiness is  freedom the secret to freedom is  courage

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Do you want to open yourself up to your fullest expression? To open your heart back up to love? Are you ready to heal and break down some of the walls built around the intelligent of your heart?


We use Heart-Opening Ceremonial Grade Cacao from Guatemala combined with breathwork and meditation techniques from India (both where we lived and studied) to guide you in seeing your truth by dropping out of the head and into the heart where all the answers you are looking for are found.

Online #dailypractice

Group Program

Have you been trying to change your habits? Are you tired of repeating the same patterns and habits that are keeping you stuck feeling anxious, confused and uncertain about your path in life? 


This is an exclusive 21-Day online Mentorship Intensive where you will be working personally with Scotty & Leslie to learn how to create heart-led intentions, mindset strategies, goal setting methods and breathwork & meditation practices to living a healthy, conscious and freedom living lifestyle. Through integrating a #dailypractice, you will connect to the creative and powerful source within you to heal and transform all aspects of your life. 

Pre-qualify yourself by clicking above and see how you can have us as your Mentors for less an latte a day! 


1:1 Private Coaching

Are you ready to dive deep and really change your life? This 6 month transformational freedom lifestyle program is designed for those who are ready to make massive changes in their life.


You will learn tools, methods and daily practices that will support you in reprogramming your subconscious mind and developing a new belief system that will have you design a life where you are living on your own terms, connected to your purpose.

If you are ready for your life to never be the same again, you have had enough of the ever repeating cycles in your life and you're ready for your own self-discovery-- click to book your Discovery Call to see how we can best support you on this Grand Adventure Into U!


Adventure + Growth

Are you feeling a calling to travel more in 2020? Is your gypsy soul screaming for an adventure?


Our Internationally recognized Bali Adventure Retreats will give you the most soul expanding and mind blowing experiences that will ignite something within you that will change the way you view and live your life forever + you will come home with a new Adventure Tribe to support your new path of growth.

We even guide you into getting a passport and what to pack! We can't wait to adventure with you!


"I am so thankful for the breathwork and meditation program. I had been having panic attacks and anxiety all while running a sales crew. I had been doing everything I thought to change my everyday life - reading books, law of attraction, listening to podcasts, going to church, eating healthy. But I still knew there had to be more because I still felt a void. I knew there had to be a way to really tune in to a better frequency to really create a life I wanted. I followed the instructions given by Scotty & Leslie and I started creating my days each morning through my practice and intention setting in my journal. It's been so powerful. Everything I say is showing up all the time...It's real!


My health and anxiety is so much better, my personal sales are great and overall sales for my sales crew have doubled. I keep receiving awesome people into my life that I get to help change their lives. Thank you Scotty and Leslie for helping and showing me another way to connect to the frequency. Much love to you both."

Jason, Business Owner


Take the Adventure, International!

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All Women's Heart-Centered Adventure

May 15 - 22, 2021


Signature Transformational Adventure w/ Founders, Leslie + Scotty

July 2 - 9, 2021

hear from a retreater

Brianna, Costco Employee 

Amber, Financial Consultant

Jackie, Office manager


American Wanderlove is everything you didn't know you needed. Leslie and Scotty brought nature, culture, power, enlightenment and so much more to the adventure retreat. They inspired so much from within you that has be itching to come out. This trip was one of the best experiences I've had, with some of the best people. We all connected immediately and fell in love with Bali everyday. The people are amazing and everything about the island just calls you in. I can't wait to go back and see what American Wanderlove has in store for the future.

This whole journey has been life changing and eye opening. What Leslie & Scotty have created is amazing. If you've ever felt the urge to experience adventure, step out of your comfort zone, & face your fears then you need this experience in your life

With American Wanderlove I have recreated the story that I can be everything I have asked and prayed for through my own actions and manifestations. Patterns that allow for my self healing and development such as yoga, meditation, breath work, and weight training. The belief that I am not alone on this journey and that as a man it is not something that should be shunned or frowned upon to seek spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical guidance. I feel as though I now can create a clear decisive plan of action to take control of my life and shape it into what I desire.

“American Wanderlove (Scotty and Leslie) are such candles. They have a gift of igniting light within you. Their transformational adventure retreat was extraordinary. I knew it would be, but didn’t know it was possible for it to be even more remarkable than what I had imagined. We not only embarked on the most adventurous experiences but became immersed into the Balinese culture. This one and only adventurous life is so, so beautiful. I am thankful for them and what they stand for. I highly recommend joining them on a retreat. Best decision ever.

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